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What I Do

At Diamondboi Designs, I offer an exceptional experience like you won't find elsewhere. At my modern studio you will find all the comforts of home in a calm, relaxing, welcoming & undemanding atmosphere. Finding the perfect piece may seem like an overwhelming experience, that is why I strive to help you comprehend every step of the process while focusing solely on your wants and needs.

 Knowing that you want your design to be a singular statement piece, a representation of the love and devotion you feel for your partner, you get to choose every attribute of your design; determine for yourself the overall style, type of metal, and select the perfect diamond. With my professional guidance, we will create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery for your loved one that you will both admire for a lifetime.

 Once you are comfortable with the design, we will work together to thoroughly search my network of over one thousand diamond dealers, with an inventory of over 300,000 GIA certified loose diamonds to find the best diamond in the world to meet your requirements. 

 With me each client gets a stress-free experience, for a one-of-a-kind piece, for a one-of-a-kind journey. Providing the bespoke experience allows me to focus on each client’s needs instead of selling off mass produced items.

How I Do It

I often get asked how my jewellery compares to what one would find from a retail store. The big stores in shopping malls and retail stores will advertise sale prices on a particular piece. What that tells you is that they are mass-producing these items in order to sell as many as possible. These manufacturers will sacrifice quality in order to produce these pieces in high quantities. What you will end up with is a hastily made piece of inventory.

At Diamondboi Designs, every piece crafted goes through a detailed production phase only once an order is placed. All diamonds used for my pieces must first pass through my stringent quality control standards. The diamonds are each calibrated to .01 of a millimetre and are painstakingly matched in colour and clarity. If a single diamond does not meet our brand standards during any time of production of your item, it will be removed and replaced with one that meets my exemplary standards.

 There are several ways in setting diamonds; the cheapest being to set the diamonds directly in the wax model. This method is used for the majority of jewellery found in stores today. Although this is a cost saving way to produce pieces, this is a very unsecured way of setting the diamonds, as with wear & tear over time diamonds will fall out. With our strict production system, we use the best setting. Each stone is set directly into the gold using a microscope at 50x magnification. This being the most secure method of setting, we go the extra mile to make sure that your piece of jewellery will be perfect in every way and withstand the test of time.